Thursday, 24 August 2006

On This Day In History...

Some things that happened on this day. Most information courtesy of Wikipedia.




Sunday, 20 August 2006

How Much?

I've been away for two weeks. Obsessively dull details will follow in a day or two.

Just so you know why I haven't been reading/replying/blogging/commenting for a while.


Friday, 4 August 2006

Better Late Than Never

Good Lord, I'm useless. A whole week since I last posted. Trouble is, I have fantastic ideas for a post, but they usually occur to me when I'm driving home from work. I have no way of noting them down while I'm on the move, so 45 minutes later, when I'm back home, I've forgotten what the brilliant idea was!

Yesterday I bought a digital voice recorder. You know - a "Dictaphone"-type thing, though presumably "Dictaphone" is a registered trademark, so I should make it very clear that it was definitely not one of those that I bought.

Anyway, I bought it so that I can record the read-through for our next play. I can then copy the recording to my PC and isolate the sections I'm in and burn the recording to CD; all the better for learning my lines.

So maybe I should carry it around at all times, murmuring into it when an idea occurs to me. But then I have a mental image of Alan Partridge in a Rover and wearing driving gloves ("Idea for a programme entitled 'Yachting Mishaps'. Some funny, some tragic. Presented by that man who was trapped upside-down in his hull eating chocolate.") and it seems very foolish all of a sudden.