Monday, 23 June 2008

Vote Big Mac!

Hello. Yes, I know. I've been busy. Sorry. I won't bore you with all the usual "normal service will be resumed" guff, 'cos we all know it probably won't be.

Anyway. This week (on Thurs 26th) is the Henley by-election. Now, it's said that you know you're getting old when the policemen start looking younger. In my case it's more that you know you're getting old when one of your best mates from school is standing for election as an MP. That's a real election. To Parliament. Not just class milk monitor.

So, I've known Richard McKenzie (beware - scary picture) for more years than I care to mention. So if he somehow manages to win on Thursday I hope to get a cushy House of Commons "research" job with a big expense account. 'Cos I know where the bodies are buried! Metaphorically, of course. There aren't really any bodies.

Actually, there aren't any big secrets, skeletons in closets or embarassing revelations to be made either. Which is rare for a politician. How is Richard so squeaky-clean? Why isn't he cruel? He's too nice to be a politician. No wonder he doesn't stand a chance!

Yes, Henley is probably the most Tory of all Tory seats. He's just not going to win. And with the government's popularity at a new low, let's hope he manages to beat the Monster Raving Loony Party (and the BNP scum). But regardless of all that, I have to say "good luck" to my old mucker. I'm sure he will do his family, friends and local party proud. He would certainly be a better MP than most of the current cabinet...