Monday, 17 November 2008

Tongue Stoppard

So, I can't leave well alone and have started a new blog to document progress on our production of On The Razzle by Tom Stoppard. Nothing much will happen until Oliver Twist finishes in a couple of weeks, mind.

Friday, 14 November 2008

CSI Kindergarten

Pupils from Marwood Infant School's top forensic science class comb the area for evidence after Pudsey Bear met a tragic end, having plunged from the gymnasium roof.

Mr Pudsey's body was taken away for examination by the headmaster, Quincy M.E., and his crack team of junior medical examiners from Year 3. The post-mortem results are expected after music & movement (period 7), but before storytime (period 9). The autopsy findings will be posted on the Fimbles notice-board, next to the tuck shop.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Twist? Stick

I'm appearing in a play shortly. We spent a fortune building the set, so I need to sell loads of tickets! If you fancy coming along, bring your friends!

Ottershaw Players present
Charles Dickens'


By Jeremy Brock

Living at the work house Oliver does not see much of bright future especially living on nothing more than gruel and in a brutal regime. However, he never gives up hope and finds the courage to rebel and ask for more. Oliver is sold into virtual slavery but escapes and finds his way to the great city of London. Here he meets the Artful Dodger and is drawn into Fagin’s gang and a murky cri
minal underworld. The brutal Sikes and the loving Nancy lead Oliver into some thrilling adventures and dangerous situations that see him meet the ominous Monks. Whatever circumstances he may face, somewhere, tangled up with the perils and menace, are links to his unknown and mysterious past. Suitable for adults and older children.

You can book tickets on 01932 702091
or securely online at

I'm playing Mr Bumble. He's a loud, arrogant, overweight bully, so it takes all my acting skills to bring the part to life!

Here's the poster (designed by moi!):