Friday, 31 December 2010

Wallop! Get in!

Dum-de-dum!  Another far-too-long stretch of time since I last blogged.  Well, as it's December 31st I may as well make one of those oh-so-pointless New Year resolutions and say that I will try to blog every day in 2011.  Who knows, there may even be something for me to write about?

Usually, at this time of year, I do a round-up of what's been going on in my odd little world over the past 12 months.  But the last year feels like as if we've been in suspended animation, waiting for things to move on, and so a full review would be, for me, a teeny bit depressing.

In brief, 2010's highlights were:
  • My last stage performance with Ottershaw Players in the Farrago (Feb).
  • My last show with Ottershaw Players (stage manager for And Then There Were None in June).
  • Joining CATS for Cinderella (Oct).
  • NODA Summer School (Aug).
  • Finally selling our house in Aldershot (Jul - Dec).
  • Moving down into the countryside (Dec).
In between those highlights were lots of frustrations and worries.  My Dad's health problems weren't the least of these, but we're very glad that he's now making good progress.

Anyway, hey ho, and all that.  

This month, we've finally moved down to Over Wallop, which is in Hampshire, between Andover and Salisbury.  My 50 minute drive to work (usually well over the speed limit) is replaced by a sedate 15 minute drive.  So that should save me at least £300 in diesel every month.  And we no longer have a huge, unaffordable mortgage hanging over our heads.  Granted, we also have no savings and made next-to-nothing on the house sale, so I've got no idea when we'll be able to afford to buy somewhere else.

Overall though, we're ending 2010 in a much more positive and happier state than we started it.