Thursday, 12 May 2011


So, the "news", as promised last Friday.  It's not really news at all.  More like "non-news".  We were going to be moving house - our landlord wants to sell, our lease ends in June, so we found somewhere else and wheels were in motion.

But then, after giving notice, our landlord said that, as we're having a baby in July (and as she's having trouble selling!) she would take it off the market and guarantee our lease until March.  Which was nice!

So, the non-news is, we're not moving.

Thank you.

[This riveting anecdote was originally told by Peter Ustinov on 'Parkinson' in 1972.]

Friday, 6 May 2011

Where Have YOU Been?

Yes, I know that's what you're asking.  On 31st December I resolved to post here every day.  The next post was on 2nd January (d'oh!) and since then... nothing!  What a dolt!

Well, four months ago I was worrying about learning my lines - no change there then.  I'm now worrying about learning my lines for a different play.  This time I'm performing in Damages by Steve Thompson, with RAODS at the Plaza Theatre, Romsey.  It's a cracking play, but with tons of lines, definitely the most I've had to do, so I've really got to get cracking and learn the part.

Anyway - that's just a quick update so that my millions of loyal readers (ha!) don't wonder whether I've dropped off the planet.

In other news...  Actually, no.  You can wait until Monday for the other news!