Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Good and Bad

Good and Bad things about our wedding last week:

  • The Other Half looked stunning.
  • It didn't rain most of the day.
  • Bre giving us a framed picture of ourselves, taken after the ceremony, before we even sat down for lunch.
  • Mothers and Sisters crying (with happiness, I hope!).
  • A fabulous lunch cooked by Graham.
  • Being looked after by the lovely staff at Sychnant Pass House.
  • Thomas didn't throw-up.
  • Bill's sweet poem which he wrote for the occasion.
  • Everyone having a marvellous time.
  • Our suite was enormous: including a sitting room, where we 10 of us had lunch.
  • The lillies which Maryam, James and Karen sent to our room, which gave me the worst hay-fever I've ever had. I got through 2 boxes of tissues during the day.
  • It decided to pour with rain when we went for a walk on the mountain. We got soaked.
So, overall, the good things far outweighed the bad.

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