Thursday, 28 July 2005

Books, books, books, books

I've decided to post a book review to this site every Thursday. Why Thursday? Because it was Wednesday when I decided and wrote the first review, having just finished that book.

Why? Some reasons:

1: It's a bit of a mini-meme and might get me some more regular readers.
2: You never know, people might click-through the links to buy the books and make some money for me.
3: I really do need a proper excuse to do some writing on a regular basis.
4: I read a lot. No reason why I shouldn't share my opinions. Just don't get me started on "The Da Vinci Code".

Yes, I've already written the first review, which shall be posted here momentarily. Enojoy! And do let me know if there's anything I should read, or if you disagree violently with my opinions.

1 comment:

Dawson said...

how do you make money through clicking on the links?