Sunday, 31 July 2005


Yesterday we drove all the way to wet and windy Kent to watch Wob's gig at the Maidstone River Festival.

Hmmm... Festival. Lots of boats parked in the river, with their occupants clogging up the towpath with their barbecues so you couldn't get past. That was great. And the sheer number of old tramps and crusties out of their heads on Special Brew and hordes of youths decked in "leisurewear", also drinking Special Brew, and 10 year old couples copping-off with each other in underpasses...

It was more like "Chavs Afloat".

But Wob's gig was the saving grace. Thank God. And he was a cut above any of the other bands on display.

A cracking set, bursting with his usual high energy, bouncing, running and yelping. He's a great performer.

And thanks to John Forrester and Wig for sterling work in the rhythm section (and backing vocals).

It's always worth travelling to see Wob play, whether it's with the band or solo.

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