Wednesday, 24 August 2005

War-Monger George Dubya

It looks as though that lovely Mr Bush is determined to invade yet another middle-eastern country.

Doesn't this sound spookily similar to Bush's claims, prior to the most recent invasion of Iraq, that Saddam Hussein was building "weapons of mass destruction"? The UN couldn't find WMDs before 'we' invaded Iraq, and no-one's been able to find any since, either. It was all just a huge, fictional lie, to justify a totally superfluous "war on terror".

Yes, Saddam was evil, he killed lots of his own people and he subjugated the Kurds, but I am sure that, if he wanted to, Dubya could have had Saddam assassinated, or something. There's more than one way to skin a cat. And there's never been any proof that Saddam was bank-rolling Al Quaeda, or any other terrorists.

Bush's cohorts in the arms industry are getting depressed because the Iraq war is fizzling out (albeit with huge loss of US troops), so it's time to invade someone else. Shit - I'm glad I'm not American, knowing that 50% of my country-mates voted for that imbecile.

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