Friday, 16 September 2005

Someone will have to polish that...

I've won a cup.

I never win cups!

Hell, I never win anything (except for a gross of "Dividend D" tea-bags at a Brownies raffle when I was about 15 - it was my Little Sis who was in the Brownies, not me).

The Ottershaw Players have just had their AGM and I was nominated for The Players Cup. This is awarded each year to the person(s) who, in the opinion of the voting members, has contributed most to the Players over the past year.

Well, OK, this year my Mum won it too. Seems we got the same number of votes. And I'm glad, 'cos I'm not really sure why people voted for me. If they gave a cup for "Biggest Loss-Making Production in the History of the Group" then I would win it, hands-down. But I don't feel I deserve this honour.

Mum definitely works hard for the Players. Harder than me. And she deserves to have won. (Although I didn't vote for her!).

That's not going to stop me getting my name engraved on it though.

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Delmonti said...

We need a picture of this cup..... ever since I fell over laughing at the ashes cup I've had a knawing interest in the size of cups & trophies...

I need professional help