Tuesday, 25 October 2005


To the Ottershaw Players committee meeting last night.

We had the bright idea of combining the meeting with our semi-regular committee dinner, but it didn't quite work out as it was impossible to hear from anyone more than 3 feet away. So we have to do it all again next week instead.

At the moment we're pondering on what plays to schedule for the next year or so.

Some feedback from ordinary members of the public would be useful - but in the absence of anyone ordinary, the readers of this blog will have to do.

So - of the plays below which one are you more likely to want to go and see (if you don't like the theatre, pretend you're being forced to go at gunpoint...). The idea is, we'd like to find out which play would find the biggest audience, so if you're a thespian-type, think of which you'd rather see, not the one you'd want to perform.

The plays are:
  1. An Evening with Gary Lineker - Modern comedy about relationships and football, with swearing.
  2. Habeas Corpus - A 1970's farce (of sorts) by Alan Bennett. No swearing. Ladies in underwear and vicars with trousers falling down.
  3. Twelfth Night - Mr William Shakespeare's comedy of cross-dressing and stuff.
  4. The Importance of Being Earnest - Oscar Wilde's play about a man pretending to be someone else. Lavish costumes. Old ladies saying "A handbag".
Please add your vote in a comment by following the linko below...


Delmonti said...

I'd like to see "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest".... again.

Cant be doing with shakespear...

Alan Bennett....hmmm, I think I once saw one of his plays....something about a buscuit under the sofa.... very good too.

Oscar Wild.... I just keep thinking of Monty Pythons Matching Tie & Hanky album...

how about that Morecombe & Wise play? you'd make a fantastic Eric.

Ok, I'll stop now... gonna go for the Alan Bennett one.

jomoore said...

In order of my preference:
1. Habeus Corpus
2. Oscar Wilde
3. Gary Lineker
4. No 4. Not Shakespeare. Pleeeeease.

I saw 'A Few Good Men' in the West End last week. It was fantastic, despite Rob Lowe and some woman from Coronation Street. Goes to show what great writing and a wonderful supporting cast can do!! If you want to attract the crowds, all you have to do is find a big American star - doesn't matter if they can't act, apparently...

Anonymous said...

Oscar Wilde!!