Sunday, 9 October 2005

Tipping the Double Velvet

Why do we tip the bloke in the toilet who hands us a paper towel?

It intrigues me because The Wife used to do that job, in Planet Hollywood, many years ago - before she was lucky enough to meet me.

It makes a little more sense for the ladies loos. They all have to queue up anyway, so it's nice to have someone in their to make sure they're all pampered (spruced-up, I mean, not wearing nappies).

But when I go for a slash, it's a quick jimmy, then rinse the hands, grab a paper towel and I'm done. Having a bloke standing there handing me a towel saves me, what, 5 seconds out of a 1 minute visit? It's not enough of a service to justify giving the chap a tip.

And invariably, they only hand you one paper towel. I don't know about you, but one of those is definitely not sufficient. It's turned into a paper mush in seconds. So you have to ask the guy for a few more. But he only hands you one, because he's overly protective of his paper towel stash.

I've just remembered. I was in some bar once and they didn't have paper towels. The toilet attendant's job was to push the big, silver button on the hot-air hand-drying machine (you know, the one that doesn't get your hands dry even if you stand there for an hour).


And no. You're not getting a tip.

And just so we know where we stand - here's my list of other people who I don't believe should be tipped.

Bar Staff
Hairdressers/Barbers (have you noticed, it's really only women who tip at the hairdressers, despite the fact that they've been conned into paying more for haircuts than men anyway.)
Hotel Maids (they get free soap and towels - I don't!)

Otherwise, it's the thin end of the wedge!


Chris said...

Well I never! - knew that there were attendants in men's toilets, that is. Do they have them in all toilets? Is there one in the Castle? What else do they do? What do they do with the towel if you don't wash your hands (some people don't!)?

I don't think you should tip anyone, although I've not got the nerve to carry it off. People take jobs with certain duties and they get paid for doing them so, unless they do something extra special which is beyond their remit, no extra money. I bet the clients that you do stuff for don't tip you.

Delmonti said...

I think its more fun to tip people who dont expect it.

Next time you're at the quacks, slip him a fiver and a wink...

Best to avoid coppers tho', they go all unnecessary on you.

Of course the most famous tipper was Tommy Cooper, who used to say to taxi drivers as he slipped a little something into their lapel pocket "Have a drink on me". Of course it wasnt money but a tea bag.

jomoore said...

I was once in a bar in Toronto where you actually had to take the top off your own beer bottle, but you were still expected to tip. Because apparently their wages were so rubbish they depended on tips to live. Like I care! Pah!