Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Woking Drama Festival - Thursday 13th October

Park Players - Weasel by Tom Collingwood.

When a police inspector's wife is murdered, Eddie 'Weasel' Francton is brought in for questioning.

Another new play, I believe. And the play was OK, but a bit like an episode of The Bill. Something wasn't quite right though. I just wasn't convinced by the acting. And the plot was completely implausible!

Guildburys - Bar and Ger by Geraldine Aron.

Scenes from a brother and sister's life as they grow up together.

This was very good indeed. A companion piece to A Galway Girl (reviewed earlier), I believe, though neither group knew about the other's entry. The play consisted of many, very short scenes (some only 1 or 2 lines) illustrating Barry and Geraldine's life together as they grew up. A very good, controlled performance from the actor playing Barry - who had to age from 11 year up to 17 or 18. But the girl playing Ger was fantastic. Excellent expressions and physicality. The direction was impeccable too. Glad I saw this.

Fairlands Players - A Model Husband by Phil Ellis.

A comedy about a dull husband and his frustrated wife.

Could have missed this one though! The play was actually quite good, but it wasn't very well directed. The 'shock' ending was telegraphed a mile away. The actress playing the wife was the best part of this piece. The less said about the women on the telephone, the better...

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional theatre critic or a qualified drama adjudicator. I'm biased in favour of stuff that isn't dull. Sorry if my opinions offend you - it's nothing personal!

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