Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Happy Birthday...

...To The Wife!

Whisked her off to the West End Centre in Aldershot to see Wob play. He did quite a few new numbers tonight, so we reckon a new album is imminent.

Here are a couple of pictures 'in performance':

And, in a more thrashy mood...

A great set from Wob. Thanks mate. And Happy Birthday to you for the weekend.

Also caught a FANTASTIC guitarist by the name of Tristan Seume. No singing, just solo, acoustic guitar, but to an exceptionally high standard. I reckon he has 8 fingers on each hand, the freak. Anyway - check him out as he's marvellous!

Unfortunately we had to leave before Blimus started playing. Their name suggests a Japanese Primus tribute band, but I don't think they were. Banjos and lap steel guitars may seem to be a bit country and western (i.e. BAD in my book!) but from the looks (and sounds) of their website, I think we may have missed a right treat.


Anonymous said...

i have to agree that Tristan guy plays well.....especially at 2.30 a.m! Very melow but full of interesting play.
thanks mate...all the best!

Anonymous said...

is a japanese primus some sort of camping cooking type thing stove
and if so are blimus a patagonian metal tribute band
i think we should be told
yours sincerely
maurice buttock

lord bongwater swine said...

Pay attention at the back you rum coves.
L have first hand evidence that those swinish preening auteurs Blimmus are all namby pamby foppish prog rockers who wear nans blouses.
I witnessed their shocking rock anthems at that bally Guidford fest and they were all to a man under the influence of the sauce.
The lyrics were all focused on obscene subject matter such as ladies chest areas and rodent droppings and I personally shot several of the blighters from my crows nest like vantage point on the grassy knoll on high in the mixing desk.Fair play to the blighters though,they cracked on regardless.I have been the unwilling recipitent of several ghastly photographs of clerics feet which I believe to have been forwarded to me by the chief Blimoose gaffer,the short stout one with the ridiculous beard and glasses who plays contra bassoon.
As you were.

PT said...

Prepare to repel boarders!