Tuesday, 6 December 2005

Music Was My First Love

Here are some things I've been enjoying listening to recently.

Just received my copy of Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike by Gogol Bordello. Heard them on Mark Radcliffe's show on Radio2 last week - they did a cracking, up-tempo version of Start Wearing Purple. They're Russian/Ukrainian/New-Yorkers and the music is a sort of punk, gypsy thing, with a bit of ska and (I think) dub thrown into the mix for good measure. Think of the bastard child of The Pogues and The Clash, via Pavement and you'll have the right idea.

And a big shout out to Nizlopi. Bought their album (Half These Songs Are About You) a few months ago when B3ta featured the fabulous JCB Song video. Now they're releasing that track as a single. Let's see if we can get it to number 1 for Xmas. Before G4, Cliff, Blue or some other pile of shite gets there.

If you can get to see any of the following guys, please do. They are all great and worth your support. The amazing, barnstorming Wob; the excellent Mike Halliwell, courtesy of our friend Matt; and the excellent but evasive Mr Love & Justice.

[Evasive because every time they have a gig somewhere handy I've already got something else on. Marcus - sort it out!]

Finally, a plug for Pandora. It doesn't appear to be fully geared-up for users outside the USA yet (how familiar is that for those of us who want to download music legally!). But it's a great little tool to use to discover new music based on your current preferences.


meljoy said...

haha, no, it doesn't help the argument. I just think its funny because she has not idea what it's like to have dark skin and to be looked at (discriminated against) because of it, its just funny how ignorant some people can be.

OOOOOO! I love both gogol bordello and the clash. I have had the pogues recommended to me via, dropkick murphys and the tossers, but I shall check them out...


chux said...

Pogues........hmmm not a fan but the clash are good. Was the lead singer of the pogues that guy called Seamus or something? The very ugly dude without teeth and always drunk and smelling of urine. If so we'll have that chirpy xmas song they did in every department store soon enough.