Sunday, 19 February 2006

We Have a Winner!

Woo! And, indeed, Yay!

I won a competition.

As a member of the Pete Collective (see the banner in the top-left corner of this page) I entered a competition to win a 'Pete On Board' mug. And I won!

The last time I won anything was a box of 60 tea-bags at a girl guides' raffle. I was trying to win a girl guide...

For supreme divvy picture evidence of this fantastic prize (the mug, not the tea-bags) you can look over here at Flickr.


Jonathan said...

Well, at least the two things you've won will go together nicely if you've got any of the teabags left. :-)

Anyway - random blog browsing is great. I've found another Surrey-ite, AND you even you the West End Centre. I was just writing about it myself recently.

PT said...

Thanks Jonathon - nice to see a local lad drop by!

I think my huge supply of Dividend-D tea bags ran out about 20 years ago. Now I have to put-up with Tesco's Finest Ceylon tea-bags. Such hardship!

Only been to the West End Centre once, to see our friend Wob, but it was a good venue. Shame it's a bit of a trek (40 min drive) away.

Allen Thompson said...

Good fortune!

Now we can say we knew you before you became famous. ;-)


jomoore said...

It is an excellently divvy picture! Congratulations on your win. I have recently bought tickets for an organic garden raffle - I don't know where I'm going to put that if I win... :/