Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Get A Move On

Yes, I'm sorry. I've not been around much, have I? It's not my fault.

I had to do some work away from the office last week, starting on Tuesday. It was supposed to be 1.5 days (2 at the max) stuck in a soulless building in soulless Hounslow, restoring a database onto a UNIX server.

It turned into 4 days (and several evenings, it felt like) of unmitigated hell.

But I'm not saying any more. I'm putting that subject behind me. Like toilet paper.

I've also been busy getting ready for the first rehearsal of the play I'm directing. Which was tonight. Yes, it went well, thanks for asking. Only another 10 weeks of rehearsals and we can put the show on for the delectation of the paying public. That'll be another week that I don't get any postings done!

So the occasion of my 2,000th visitor passes with nary a word, let alone a celebratory glass of Pomagne. Ne'er mind, eh? Maybe on the 3,000th.

Normal service will be resumed next time something pisses me off...

Oh, MaryB asked for the Worst Movie Remakes ever:

Perm any 1 from these 3:
  • The Ring (awful US remake of creepy Japanese original).
  • The Vanishing (awful US remake of scary Dutch original).
  • The Postman Always Rings Twice (awful US remake of excellent US original).


jomoore said...

Oh yes! The Vanishing! What an excellent film (the good one, that is, not the Hollywood one with the Hollywood ending... Though they were both directed by the same chap, he was forced to change the ending by the studio... Bah!).

Jonathan said...

No way, The Ring is great! And its sequel is even better. I never liked the Japanese version...maybe I'm just too much of a pleb for subtitled films, even if they are low-budget horror. ;-)

meljoy said...

Hey! As far as school goes, it's good when it's going well, when it goes bad, it goes terrible! Like now... but anyway...

LOL at the toilet paper comment.

You forgot the Texas Chainsaw Massacre...