Thursday, 18 May 2006

Dan Brown? Pah!

I've stumbled upon an enromous conspiracy, of global proportions. Check out the evidence:

Moon River.

The Pink Panther.
Peter Gunn.
A Shot In The Dark.

All songs by famed American songwriter, Henry Mancini.

But take the right words from these song titles and you get the following anagram:

'Thrive or Top-Rank, prankish demon.'

This, surely, can only refer to the huge number of cinemas which became Bingo Halls in the 1960s and 1970s.

Obviously, the US tunesmith owned shares in the fledgling Bingo industry and used his string-heavy arrangements to drive audiences away from the movies.

I know I must be onto something, so later this week I'll be flying to LA to talk to Burt Bacharach. He says he knows something, and I need to get the information from him before he talks to the mute, albino orchestrator (Andre Previn).

I'm taking the precaution of putting all I know in a manuscript, safe in a bank vault, in case I don't come back. You'll recognise it by the beige cover with the title in Times New Roman:

The Mancini Code


jomoore said...

And the fact that "NB! Pardon wha?" is an anagram of this post's title says it all... :)

Chris said...

Your's sounds just a good a story (and why are people getting so wound up over a story????) as Dan's. That's to say - it's rubbish.

PT said...

Rubbish? RUBBISH!? How dare you! It's all facts, ma'am.