Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Why Oh Why?

The government argues that speed cameras reduce accidents and reduce the number of drivers who break the law by speeding.

If that's true, why don't they introduce serial-killer cameras? Eh? Eh?

Because it doesn't bring in enough cash to the left-wing councils, that's why!

Cash that they spend on intrusive and ugly CCTV cameras, spoiling our lovely towns. How dare they! Why can't they spend the money on crime prevention instead?

They should spend the money on more policemen to go out and arrest hoodie-wearing ASBO kids.

But we pay their wages so they'd better not arrest us as we drive our barely-one-quarter-occupied, enormous 4x4s round residential streets at 45mph. Anyway we wouldn't have to drive our brats the 1.3 miles to school if the roads weren't so dangerous.

Only last Christmas my husband (who's something big in the City) saw a film about a central-European immigrant gypsy in a brightly painted vehicle who snatched children off the streets with the promise of sweets.

If Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang teaches us anything, it's that we have to drown all these asylum seekers at birth!

Oh, hello nurse. Is that my medicine?

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meljoy said...

Hmmmm, complaints about governemtn not putting their money where it should go... sounds strangely familiar.

I guess I could say that the grass is always greeneer on the other side. But my country is in the process of invading every country they possibly can and our gas prices are shoooting through the effin roof, so, I dunno... is the grass greener? or just a different color?

Chris said...

Blimey, Pete, until I got to the bit about you having a husband I thought you were turning into me!!

Love from your very own 'Daily Mail' reader.

Jonathan said...

I was chatting to a mate about this yesterday, and my suggestion of an alternative revenue source (eurrgh, too many business essays making me talk like that!) was to do away with tax discs, and just stick loads of tax on petrol. Then it'll be the uber-haulage and delivery companies that get screwed, leaving the average man in the street OK. Maybe that's just my socialist side talking though...

Anonymous said...

As a member of a left wing council, I think this a great idea and I will suggest it at the next meeting. Perhaps we could use the money to support left handed ferret keepers for peace groups.

Lots of love and big snogs