Friday, 29 September 2006

Teechers In The Middle Of The Road

One reason for my lack of recent Bloggage (have I coined a new word there? Nope!) is the fact that I've been so busy doing dramatic stuff.

For the past couple of months we've been rehearsing 3 separate plays.

I'm stage-managing Teechers, by John Godber. Our lovely friend Clare is directing a gang of 4 talented youngsters for our Youth entry to the Woking Drama Festival. There was a point a week or two ago when it looked a bit touch-and-go as to whether it would all come together in time, but now it looks like the performance this coming Thursday will be a cracker.

I'm also sound designer and operator for The Man In The Middle Of The Road. This is written and directed by Paul Foster who's been with us for a year or so. It's not as light-hearted as Teechers and it features a lead actor who has to perform stark naked for over half the 45-minute play! We'll see how the Surrey theatre-going public cope with that at the Woking Drama Festival on Thursday 12th October.

All this frantic activity means that I haven't been able to give my full attention to The Wind In The Willows, our 'big' show for November. I feel bad about this as I know what it's like, as a director, to have a less-than-complete turnout. Next year I will restrict my activities drastically!


chux said...

shame i'd have liked to see the kids play this week but i'm not around as I have my mate over from ireland and then were off to Sweden on Friday. I hopeit all goes well mate, for all the productions. Hope its not too cold for the naked man as well!!!

Clare said...

We all appreciate you lots Pete! And next year you'll know not to spread yourself too thinly (though obviously I hope that if I'm directing, I'll get to you before you've signed up for anything else!!) xx