Monday, 30 October 2006


I don't think of myself as a blogger. Obviously, I do blog. Once in a while. Though recently it's become once in a week.

But I'm not one of those people who are driven to get something down at least once a day. Sometimes more often.

People like Diamond Geezer. For me, he's the king of bloggers. He has a subject that he (usually) confines himself to. He writes reams of witty, interesting prose, packed with so many links that to visit them all would mean that none of us would get any real work done, ever.

No, I'm not a real blogger.

And, as such, I would never expect to go to a Blog-Meet and swap blogging stories with
like-minded bloggers.

So you could knock me down with a feather when I realised that that's exactly what I did yesterday.

OK, to be fair, it was really me and my Lovely Young Wife, plus
my sis and her son, Thomas, who were meeting Shorty PJs' MaryB for lunch at the 'delightful' Italian restaurant in Weybridge.

Life stories were swapped, work tales were told and blogging was barely mentioned. It wasn't a blogmeet - only 60% of those present have ever blogged.
So I think I've escaped without having to define myself as a blogger - yet... Phew!

Here's MaryB and Jo (in that order) swapping fishing stories!


Allen said...

I think I've been there. Aside from being "delightful," isn't it also the "only" Italian restaurant in Weybridge?

meljoy said...

oh wow, thats really cool :-) I wanna meet! :-( I haven't made it over yet though..

MaryB said...

Ah, Pete - it was a fine day! Thanks for your outstanding hospitality. I do hope we'll meet again soon! (Say hello to Kathleen for me.)

chux said...

bummer i want to meet up too mooowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...sob sob!

Delightful Italian restaurant is that El Picadero or something or do you count the Pizza Express??

Glad you had a great time and looked after our lady from overseas like that. All the best.

Cllr Richard McKenzie said...


Does this make it like an eye ball session when we all used to use CB radios. This is a breaker breaker 1 9. This is the Plastic Mac, anyone want an eyeball.

I thought not far nicer than that.

10 10 till we do it again good buddy.