Thursday, 28 June 2007


Just thought I should post an update on what I've been doing recently.

3 weeks ago was the week of the play. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, maybe even more so than for Habeas Corpus, which was very gratifying (although My Lovely Young Wife thought that Habeas was better, but then it was pure entertainment, and not as heavy as Whose Life). I've got some pictures (some posed, some which I took during Act 2 on the final night) on Flickr.

Since then life's been curiously empty, yet fairly busy:

Empty because I no longer have rehearsals 3 times a week to attend and prepare for.

Busy because I've decided to take 6 months off from directing or performing in order to spend more time at home. Those boxes will not unpack themselves, and the walls simply refuse to cover themselves in paint.

That said, we haven't yet started decorating in earnest, and yet I haven't found bags of time to sit around doing nothing (as I fell like doing - at least for a week or so).

MLYW has found herself a new job - though it's apparently top-secret and hush-hush and if I told you what she is doing, I'd have to kill you. Nevertheless, she's setting up her own limited company so that she can contract her services to her new client. Having done that in my IT contracting past I've been helping her with this.

I've also been away to Glasgow, for a couple of days, on a SQL Server training course. After nearly 20 years of being exclusively devoted to the high-altar of Oracle DBA, it looks like I'm going to have to convert to polytheism and take Bill Gates' buck.

And last weekend MLYW and I spend 3 days away in Dorset to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.

I think that's enough writing for today. From now on I shall make more of an effort to update daily.

Yeah - right!


Anonymous said...

To My Lovely Young(ish) Husband,
I would just like to point out that I thought 'Habeas Corpus' was better purely because "I thought it was better" and not due to the content. Surely, you should know by now that I will, in most cases, always choose depressing drama over frivolous comedy????
I thank you...
PS: I still thought it was great and am very proud of you. So there.
LYW xxx

PT said...

I stand (well, sit, actually) corrected.

PT said...

PS. Is it a sign of the times when husband and wife communicate via blog comments?!?

Chris said...

What a bad, bad, bad mummy I am!! I forgot your anniversary! Sorry, sorry, sorry!!!!!!

jomoore said...

Your anniversary, Father's Day... Thank goodness I managed to remember my own birthday!! Phew!

Happy Anniversary, belatedly.

Seems we all communicate in cyberspace these days. Poor technophobe Dad - nobody's talking to him! ;)