Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Nearly Pro

I got a message from a Flickr contact a few weeks ago, asking whether the travel firm he works for could use one of my photos (taken on honeymoon in Shanghai) to illustrate one of the pages on their website.

As I'm a lovely bloke, I graciously gave my permission.

And now, all of a sudden, my picture's being used on a commercial site! You can see it here.

I'm dead chuffed. It's not like they're paying me, or anything, but I'm really happy that someone noticed my humble photo and thought it good enough to grace their own site.

Here's the original pic:

Shanghai Dongtai Lu Market 2

Yes, definitely chuffed!


jomoore said...

You're published! Congratulations!

Chris said...

Well done! But I'm not surprised - your photos are great.

Clare said...

Congrats! Your photos are great - well deserved!

Delmonti said...

Fantastic there fella!

I've had one or two photo's ripped off and used on website without anyone asking, not that I would of charged, but a little recognition would of been nice....

and not forgetting my greatest achievement..... I had one of my photos used as the front cover for a Wonderstuff Single - but that was the "on-line" version only. Still, I was chuffed as hell

MaryB said...

Wow, pete - you're getting pretty famous, what with Flickr and Diamond Geezer mention. Congratulations!