Friday, 6 July 2007

Shake, Rattle and, errr, where was I?

I went to Tesco at lunchtime. To buy some lunch. And to get some petrol for the car

[It's important to get these things the right way around: Vauxhall Tigras don't run very well on cheese & ham sandwiches, and drinking petrol makes my breath smell.]

As usual, I had to run the gamut of charity collectors by the supermarket entrance. Today there were a couple of old chaps, well into their seventies, shaking collection tins for the Alzheimer's Society.

It occurred to me that they were unlikely to make much money. Any savvy punter will be able to avoid donating: "Alzheimer's Society? I put money in the tin earlier on. Don't you remember?"

And what if the old boys forget to hand the money in to HQ? In fact, for all we know, they didn't even know why they were standing there in the first place; mid-rattle they are likely to wander off and buy some cat-food, Daz and some steradent...


Delmonti said...

Apparentyl it's against the law to shake a collection tin while out collecting..... it's classed as harassment.

Thats probably why you never see collections for Parkinsons.

Clare said...

You're both very bad people!

chux said...

lol - nice spot from you both I think!

Dave you might be damned to hell for that, but I dont think you'll be alone.