Sunday, 26 August 2007

And THAT's Magic!

To the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin a couple of days ago. An excellent interactive museum-y thing which was great fun to look around. And a free pint of the black stuff in the Gravity Bar at the end, with fantastic views around Dublin to the Wicklow Mountains.

However... The signage at the entrance to the exhibition invites you to enter and marvel at how Guinness stout is made by "the magic of fermentation".

Fermentation is magic is it? I could have sworn it was simple chemistry. And it must be because there was no mention of Arthur Guinness' magic wand at any stage of the tour.

Magic, my arse. But it was a great pint!

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Clare said...

you have quite a bee in your bonnet about magic at the moment don't you? commenting on my photo of the magic camel....When I was in Dublin at Christmas, sadly I missed the tour of the brewery (I had to catch a flight home), but I did drink a little Guinness when I was there. Wouldn't describe it as magical though...