Thursday, 27 September 2007


Last night I ate far too much rich Italian food and so got my new regime of healthy eating and exercise off to a poor start. Tonight I’m out - attending a Front of House course at the local theatre and then to an Ottershaw Players meeting to start writing our 2008 Farrago – so I can’t see any possibility of a healthy dinner and a 10-mile bike ride.

On the other hand, I’ll probably have a good laugh and a beer or two, so that’ll be fun.

One thing that’s been occupying my thoughts recently is the fact that I have no decent ideas for an arresting visual image to use for advertising Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime. There’s a synopsis over at the play’s blog – if anyone has any great ideas for something that would make an eye-catching poster, I’d be grateful for the input. Oh, and if your design is used, you will win a pair of tickets to see the play!


D said...

Pete what about a monocled Bertie Wooster type at the front with loads of weapons tucked into his clothing with some of his victims bedraggled in the background - all in black and white apart from splashes of red ?

jomoore said...

Or a simple picture of a hand (perhaps with the palmistry lines and stuff on it) with blood trickling down it.

cel said...

How about a bottle of poison (skull & crossbones) and some sort of victorian wedding stuff (wedding dress?) all inside a crystal ball?

Chris said...

I like cel's idea! And if you can fit the villainous bloke in, carrying a bomb (a la Pink Panther), that would be good.

PT said...

Yes, all the ideas are good so far.

I'm tending to lean toward Jo's at the moment - an illustrated palmistry hand.

Instead of the names of the lines on it, we could have crimes, or details about the production...?