Monday, 24 September 2007

Lazy Day

I had a day booked off work today and managed to fill it with not very much.

We finished painting the walls of the living room on Sunday, so I thought I would make a start on doing the skirting and fireplace which badly need touching-up, but the exploits of Mr Tony Soprano and a three-part BBC4 documentary about motorways were far more tempting.

So now there's a saggy hole worn into the couch!

I did spend some time talking to a nice advertising man, finalising the script for our radio ad for the Woking Drama Festival. Listen to Radio Jackie if you live in North Surrey or SW London to hear the ads; and do buy tickets to come and see the festival!

1 comment:

Delmonti said...

painting.... I need to do some of that.
I'm very excited actually as It'll be the first time I've EVER decorated a place NOT belonging to someone else.