Thursday, 20 September 2007


I’ve missed 2 days! Sorry – it’s unforgivable.

Of course, only this summer a gap of 2 days on this blog would have been a miniscule hiatus. My loyal readers were used to having to wait weeks at a time for an update, but since the end of July I’ve posted nearly every day, with the exception of 1 week in August when I was away. Which is allowed!

The tricky thing is finding things to talk about. The only theme or thread running through this blog is whatever I get up to in my life. And if 2 or 3 days go past without much happening, then this online diary will look like a rather sad, old-fashioned sort of diary:

“Got up. Went to work. It was boring. Got home. Had tea. Watched TV. And so to bed.”

Let’s face it. You’d get bored very quickly indeed.

Actually I have done a few more exciting things the past couple of days. I’ve written the October edition of the Ottershaw Players newsletter and I’ve been arranging for press and newspaper advertising for the Woking Drama Festival.

[OK, so I stretched the meaning of “exciting” there, just a tad.]

Trouble is, I spend so much of my free time doing other stuff at my PC that I find it hard to concentrate on thinking up a blog post. So maybe I should do what I did today; think of a subject and write it up in an email which then gets sent home for me to upload to Blogger later. So maybe that’s what I will do for now. If work are going to block my blogger access, I’ll just get my revenge in other, even more petty ways, by pretending to work when I’m actually writing a blog post about not working.

Good lord, I can feel my whole existence disappearing up its own fundament at the sheer self-regarding stupidity of the whole affair!

Chin chin.


MaryB said...

Not unlike the dilemma facing the guy in Diary of a Nobody, eh? I feel that way, too, PT - "got up, went to work, did some work, got pissed off about something, got un-pissed off about it, etc."

Glad the Ottershaw season is on its way.

PT said...

Now there's a book I need to read. Wasn't the diarist named 'Pooter'? Too close to 'Peter' for my liking!

MaryB said...

Hilarious book, PT. And Pooter's friends were Mr. Cumming and Mr. Gowing. Har.