Monday, 29 October 2007


Honestly. I can't believe how stupid the British public are. We have a national vote, of real importance, and people collectively reject the sensible options, opting instead for the low-quality, short-term alternatives.

I am, of course, writing about Strictly Come Dancing, (the UK original version of Dancing With The Stars, if you're in the US), of course!

Given the choice of throwing out boring John Barnes, lumbering behemoth Kenny Logan or the frankly abysmal Kate Garroway (two-left feet and neither of them at the end of her legs), what do the "great" British public do? Vote to keep them all in, leaving Gabby Logan and Penny Lancaster-Stewart in the dance-off.

It's ridiculous! Either of those girls could have ended up winning the competition. Yet now the rest of us have to put up with watching low-quality crap dancing from one of the Munsters for yet another week.

I know that the not-so-good celebs will have friends and family who are, quite rightly, supporting them, but these votes are settled by tens of thousands of other people who seem to be voting for someone not because they think they are good at dancing, but because they "like" them, or because they think they should be "given another chance"!

At the risk of sounding like Arleen Philips, no! Sorry, it's just not on. It's not helped by the fact that Bruce and that lanky blonde woman (her name escapes me - the one with the bad dresses) keep telling us to "vote for your favourites". NO! Don't vote for your favourite. Vote for the person that you think danced the best, you muppet.

Of course, it's not helped by the BBC opening the phone lines each week just after the Sunday night result show. The gormless masses have 5 days of voting before we even see next week's dances. It's madness.

Either this is a show celebrating the skills and perseverance of the celebrities, or its not. If it's just a popularity contest, get rid of the Judges and have the celebs do a little dance each week, but let's not pretend it's about skill; just let the viewers vote for the person with the nicest hair.

On the other hand, if it is about skill and suchlike, get rid of the phone voting all together and kick-out whoever has the lowest score at the end of the Saturday night show.

Of course, that would never happen. How would the BBC cope without all that phone voting money?!


PS: You know what's more amazing? The fact that this even bothers me and that I was actually quite upset about the outcome of the show yesterday!


Delmonti said...

everytime I accidentally switch over to .... "that dancing crap" I envy the people who can actually sit there and consider it entertaining in any way. Envy? yes.... cos I cant watch it, and sometimes I wish I knew what made it popular. I obviously missed the "Dancing" appreciation boat.

It's not the only boat I've missed. There's a whole fiitilla lost in humongous fog banks, filled with troupes of enthusiastic leg kicking people waving madly in my direction as I look on in another.

PT said...

Er, yes. You're right. It's very odd that I enjoy it and I am desperately ashamed of the fact!

You never know Mr D, maybe the doc will fit you with a special dancing leg and you'll be forced to foxtrot aroudn the flat...?

jomoore said...

Yes, but poor Kate with her tendonitis and all. And John with his natural rhythm. And Kenny with his...

No, OK, I agree with you. I love this show and now and again there have been irritating anomalies in the voting, but nothing like as outrageous as this.

What I enjoy about the show is more the dedication and determination of the dancers, than the dances themselves (though I'm a sucker for sequins and feathers, truth be told). I wish I could do what they do and I feel every emotion. Come the Sunday evening results show I'm a gibbering wreck.

And, I must admit, I like to see these celebrities as 'normal' people. Penny Lancaster, for example, is a revelation.

D said...

Pete I take it you quite fancy gabby then ;-) Are you and Kath having dance lessons now then ?

chux said...

stop wasting your time on this Saturday night nonsense. X-Factor is much better especially as Danni Minogue is on it .....dirty girl