Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Keep Up

It's been a bit quiet here of late. Unfortunately I've slipped out of the habit of blogging every day. Sometimes it's just very tough to actually come up with a topic to write about - and I never had a backlog of posts in reserve, as I think some people have.

I've also had a vague feeling of depression recently. Nothing big or dramatic, just enough to prevent me having any good ideas. I reckon it's probably caused by my dissatisfaction with work (nothing new there then!) and November, which always feels like the darkest, dingiest and most depressing month of the year to me.

On the other hand I have managed to do some positive things. Along with doing some design for next year's play, I've started work on a design for a new website for the Ottershaw Players.

This is the old one. And this is the new one.

Obviously it doesn't have much content yet. And if people (i.e. the group's members) like it, I'll install WordPress on our server which means I will be able to get the look and feel just right. The free WordPress site is very good and pretty close, but the navigation needs fixing up.

But some feedback on the design would be good.

1 comment:

Judy said...

Pete - new website looks really good. Judy