Monday, 21 January 2008

Singing! Dancing! Arseing About!

The title of this blog is a pretty good description of the rehearsal process for our Farrago. Last night we ran through the show on the stage. It's looking in pretty good shape, which is good as we've got only 3 weeks until we unleash it onto a suspicious (but pleasantly drunk) public.

A new prospective member came along to meet the merry gang and stayed for a good couple of hours. She was heard laughing at all the jokes, and in all the right places too, so that's a good sign. All we need to do now is learn the lines and remember our cues, and get the pacing right. And learn the "dances". And learn the songs. And get a piano player. So, nearly there then!

Talking of which: we "choreographed" our first big chorus "dance" number too. The quotation marks are totally necessary as it's not so much a dance, as a bunch of fools staggering about, more or less in time to the music (well, lyrics actually, as we don't have a piano-player yet) getting down on our knees and doing 'jazz hands' every chorus. Bob Fosse it ain't. But then our audience expects nothing more than friendly, enthusiatic, shambolic, yet funny. we save the professionalism for our other shows. The Farrago is our chance to be silly and for it not to matter.


Mima said...

I did a lot of drama in school, and there is nothing quite like the comraderie that you get when everyone is pulling together towards the same goal. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun, so hope that you all break a leg, and that the performances go well.

Chris said...

Hang on...... does this mean that I'm the only one taking this production seriously?? I thought you were all dancing like Bill & Ben on speed on purpose!