Sunday, 17 February 2008

Still Here!

Thanks to Mima for the Mwah! Award. I know I'm probably supposed to pass it on, so my Mum and sister can have the award too.

It's been a bit quiet here recently - sorry about that. Two weeks off between jobs and I've just been lazing about doing not very much, so I haven't had much to tell you!

We've done the first weekend of our Farrago. Mum took some pics of the dress rehearsal. It's gone down quite well so far, which is good and should make some cash for the group so we can put on the play in the summer.

I have to put together the Players' newsletter today, as well as sorting out some household chores, so I'll sign off now.

Oh, but before I go, spare a thought for Dave "Delmonti" Dawson who's going into hospital tomorrow for his hip-replacement op. Good luck chum!


Mima said...

A whole blogging family - what fun - I hadn't realised! Glad to hear that you have been having fun anyway, and that it wasn't due to "bad things" that you hadn't been blogging. Enjoy the rest of your time off, and hope that the Farrago continues to go well.

Delmonti said...

thanks for that fella, sorry about thursday. I just wasnt up for the general public. So I simply sat in a bath of hot water for 2 hours until poached.

Chris said...

Thanks for the award, Pete. Hope it's not considered incestuous!