Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Pedal - Puff - Pant - Push - Phew!

I think that everyone who reads this blog has probably had an email from me, begging for money yet again. If not...

Once more, on the 11th May, I'll be taking part in the Thames Bridges Bike Ride. 14 bridges, 33 miles (eh? it was 32 miles the last two years!) through London, starting east of Tower Bridge and finishing at Hurst Park, west of Hampton Court.

My cyclopath buddy David isn't taking part this year, but I'll probably be cycling with our friend Sally (if we remember to find each other at the start).

The weather's been totally shoddy, so I haven't yet started training. Yikes! So please give generously to spur me on. Now the clocks have gone forward I should be able to find time to pedal through the streets of Aldershot in the evenings. What larks!

Just click on the "Donate" button in the sidebar and Justgiving will do the rest.

Thank you!

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