Thursday, 31 July 2008

Howdy Stranger!

Oh, blimey! A year has gone by so now I'm appearing again on Diamond Geezer's annual "who has me on their blogroll" feature. Which might mean that one or two new people stumble by my blog, stare slack-jawed at the lack of anything interesting, and continue on their merry way, looking for something worthwhile to read.

So, I'd better post some new and original content today...

Thoughts for the week:
  • Ten-Pin Bowling is actually pretty good exercise, if the pain in my arms, shoulders and thighs is anything to go by this morning.
  • It's much better to have the first read-through rehearsal of a play in the beer garden of the local pub, rather than a chilly church hall.
  • The moving walkways in the Andoverbranch of Asda are incredibly patronising; telling me to hold on to the handrail and stand still.
  • Next week I shall be drinking more Dry Blackthorn cider than is good for me.
That is all. See you next year!

1 comment:

jomoore said...

Why does bowling make my bottom muscles ache? Hm?