Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Brighten Up My Day

Now look.

This lady here is Gabriella Carlucci, an Italian MP.

How come the Italians get her and we get Ruth Kelly and Anne Widdecombe? Eh?

Even in American they've got Sarah Palin, whose political views might be slightly to the right of Ghengis Khan. But, if she gets to be VP, then while she's ruining the Alaskan tundra with her drills and murdering all the mooses with her gun, at least she'd be nice to look at.

And that's what's really important!


Judy said...

Actually, to me she looks like a man in drag!!

chux said...

I'm with you on this one brother!!

btw does that errr..MP have a....website? I was going to check out her um... policies :)

Allen said...

Some of those moose are really dangerous. Okay, I made that up. Why are you picking on Sarah?!? She's dreamy! Plus, she can see Russia from her house.

Maverick! Talking Points! You betcha!