Friday, 14 August 2009

Thieves, Come To Sunny Andover

A colleague had his bicycle stolen from the office car park a few weeks ago. By chance, he came across information identifying the thief. He reported this information to the local police, but they told him that as the information was 'second-hand' they were unable to investigate.

Since then there's been a mini crimewave of bike thefts. The thief has been brazenly stealing cycles from buildings in Andover (including on different premises owned by my employer) and has been seen on CCTV footage at least 3 times. The thief has been identified by another employee (also a theft victim) on the CCTV images.

One of the theft victims has been provided (anonymously) with the thief's temporary address and a description of his current hangouts.

So, with all this evidence what are the police doing? Yes, you've guessed it! They are dropping the case through "lack of manpower".

Meantime, the local newspaper invites you to take your push-bike along to the local police station where a friendly bobby will stamp your postcode on the frame and advise you on basic bicycle security...

So - if you want to steal stuff, come to Andover, where they won't bother to arrest you, even if they know who you are!

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