Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Zealot, Heal Thyself

Have I commented on this pair of morons before? Dale and Leilani Neumann, of Wisconsin, who let their daughter die because they thought that praying for her was more appropriate than seeking medical treatment.

Full story:

They appear to have got-off incredibly lightly.

What astonishes me is that their sentences have been spread out and staggered so they can continue to raise and 'care for' their poor, brain-washed kids.

The judge was right to point out that god (if 'he' exists) can maybe "work through other people, some of them doctors". But his comment that the sentence would give them time to "think about Kara and what God wants you to learn from this" is fatuous.

By their own selfish actions they should have already proven to themselves that either (a) god doesn't exist, or (b) his 'plan' for their daughter was for her to die.

So, the only logical punishment is to lock this pair of loons up for a year and take their kids away. If (a) is true, then this is an appropriate punishment for such cruel treatment of a sick child. If (b) is true then their god will surely look after them all.

They said that they:
"believed healing came from God, and that they had not expected their daughter to die as they prayed for her."
Reading on, I see that they've got the gall to appeal against the sentence! What?!?

Actually, screw it. Break their legs and dump them in a pit. They can carry on praying to their god to help them. I'm sure once he deems that they've been punished enough he will heal them and they can then climb out.

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