Sunday, 5 September 2010

Withdrawal Symptoms

Lately I've been getting withdrawal symptoms. I last got a fix at the beginning of August. That was OK - a week of really intense, rushing highs. But nothing since then.

No, I'm not talking about drugs, you big silly! It's the whole acting/directing thing, innit.

Because we're selling up and planning to move down to South Hampshire / Wiltshire, I wasn't able to commit to working with Ottershaw Players since our production of And Then There Were None, which I stage-managed. And until we move, I won't be able to find a new group to work with. So I've been in am-dram limbo for the past 3 months.

NODA summer school was great fun, and incredibly educational, as always, but I can't wait to start work on a production again.

In the meantime I've been making posters and flyers for the forthcoming Woking Drama Festival, which starts in only 30 days time. So off with a load of press releases, and spent the day filling in submission forms for event / what's-on websites.

It looks as though, timing-wise, the move (if it works out - fingers crossed) will probably happen at the end of Sept or beginning of Oct, so I don't know if I'll be able to spend much time (if any) at the Festival. I hope I can, because there is always great theatre to watch during the fortnight.

In the meantime, if YOU want to buy tickets - details below:

Woking Drama Festival,
The Rhoda McGaw Theatre
The Ambassadors, Peacock Centre, Woking
5th - 16th October, 2010

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