Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Little Socialist

In this country we drive on the left.  Trains go on the left too.  When you're walking through the London Underground there are signs everywhere telling you to 'Keep Left'.

I am a good Pavlov's dog and this conditioning has been burned into my brain.  Keep left in crowded places to make it easier for yourself and everyone around you.

So why is it that wherever I go - along pavements; through doorways; in shopping centres - I have to continually fight against the stream of dolts all making their way, for no apparent reason, on the RIGHT?!

I seem to be the only person who makes any effort to stay on the right side of the gangway.  What is it about the rest of the population which makes them ignore the rules which have been subliminally planted into our brains?

Other people are such idiots!

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