Saturday, 2 June 2012

Popping Up

Well, here's the thing.  When I said "see you in 6 months" in my last post, I didn't actually mean it.  So here we are five months later!

Zachary is now almost 10 months old (in two days time) which really accounts for my lack of activity here.

When I sum up what's happened since I last posted, it's very simple:

  • Zachary.
  • Work.
  • Acting.
  • Watching telly.
I'm currently rehearsing for RAODS' production of Alan Bennett's Habeas Corpus, a play I directed a few years ago for Ottershaw Players.  If I hadn't been an idiot, I could have linked to my Habeas Corpus blog, but I stupidly deleted it a couple of years ago.

I'm playing Canon Throbbing, the randy, but ineffectual vicar, a part which Tim Matthews made his own and into whose Jesus sandals I am now stepping.

Do come along to see it.  It'll be great fun and our shows are usually sell-outs so you need to get your tickets soon.

That seems to be all there has been time for (although I'm conveniently forgetting a couple of lovely evenings out with friends Kirsten & Craig to see Jon Richardson and Dave Gorman at The Lights in Andover.  Not all at the same time.)

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