Sunday, 19 June 2005

I really do hate Summer

It's the pollen. It makes my life a misery. My nose constantly streams; my eyes and palate itch. The only antihistamine that seems to work is Piriton, which I have to take every 2 - 3 hours; and it sometimes makes me drowsy.

Oh, I know I'm better off than lots of people. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, so I shouldn't complain. But, hey! Until something worse happens to me, I'm going to moan about this bloody hay fever ruining my summers, every bloody year.

In other news: the paintings were great, but all the ones I really liked were already spoken for. And lunch at The Castle was poor. Gordon Ramsay would not have been impressed at the overcooked, dried-out beefburger which I got. And The Other Half found a hair in her pumpkin & feta fritters...

But the cricket was tres exciting. Well done Kevin Pieterson. Come on - get him in the test match squad!

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