Sunday, 19 June 2005

Phew! What a...

It's too hot to do anything this weekend.

I spent yesterday doing absolutely bugger-all. Didn't get up until 1pm - blame getting two call-outs for work at 3am and 4am - and so spent the day on the sofa watching
'Spooks' on DVD and 'South Park' & 'Conviction' which were on Sky+ from earlier in the week.

And so my resolution to write something amusing every day has already fallen by the wayside. One, I forgot to write anything yesterday and two, this post doesn't look as if it will turn out to be funny.

We're going to an art exhibition this afternoon - a local artist is showing his work at his house. Then we'll go to The Castle for lunch. Yum. And at some point during the day I need to burn the CD for the wedding music.

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