Friday, 17 June 2005

Starting again...

Well, I've had 2 blogs before and they both fizzled to a halt after about two weeks through a lack of anything interesting to say. But... this one will be different!

I've just finished directing Les Liaisons Dangereuses with
Ottershaw Players and I now need to find something else to fill my time (apart from being at work).

The Other Half and I are getting married (
here) in, blimey, one week's time so there must be something there to write about...

And I'm going to avoid writing about work; mainly because it's dull, but also because I'm going to make no attempt to hide behind a blogging identity, so I don't want to get sacked, or anything (even if I do hate my job!).

In short, I'm going to post here once-a-day and make an attempt to be amusing, entertaining and informative in the process.

Stand by for disappointment!

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