Sunday, 17 July 2005

Are we there yet?

Home at last! And more or less over the jet-lag. Which is nice. But the nasty part of going on holiday is always the coming-home bit:
  1. We've bought too many souvenirs (this year we had to buy a new suitcase to accommodate them!). Will we get stung with an excess baggage charge? Thankfully not!
  2. Twelve hours on a plane. Argh! Enough to drive you barmy. Mind you - some folks from the US we met in China had over 24 hours of travelling to get back to the East coast. Ha!
  3. Picking up your bags. We got to Shanghai airport nice and early - so our bags were among the first loaded. So, of course, they were last off at Heathrow... I HATE waiting for the bags on the carousel. It would be easier if other people weren't such morons. Why do they all have to stand right next to the carousel. It stops people seeing if there bags are there! And when your bag does come along, you have to push people to one side to get it (always at the last second) and when you drag it off the conveyor belt you kneecap one or two of the mong-faced idiots as you do so, because they were too stupid to move. Hey, hang on - that's actually a good thing!
  4. Unpacking and doing laundry. I don't subscribe to this whole 'cleaning clothes while on holiday' thing (which is why my suitcase is too heavy). But it does mean that there is LOADS of washing to do when we get home. Luckily, the weather this weekend has been gorgeous. And there's the golf on the telly while waiting for the washing machine to finish. So that's alright then!

Tomorrow, I think I'll have to share some of my observations of the Shanghainese road traffic system. It really is quite remarkable. In the meantime, there are some pictures of the honeymoon over on Flickr.

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