Sunday, 17 July 2005

Shanghai Fuxing Park Rules

Shanghai Fuxing Park Rules
Shanghai Fuxing Park Rules,
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This picture shows the rules which you have to obey in Shanghai's parks. I took this photo in Fuxing park.

It's the sheer oddness of some of these rules which tickles me.

"lying unallowable" - blimey! The park police should be arresting most of the people in the place then.

"not to...carve around in the park". Carve around? What on earth? Do they mean, like, on a BMX bike?

I like that they use a different synonym for "forbidden" in every rule. And made up some new ones too.

But the loveliest rule of all, which cracks me up a whole week after taking the picture, is the stricture against "climbing artificial hills". Good. I'm against all these people who bring artificial hills into parks to climb on and then just bugger off and leave them lying about. Selfish bastards.

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Anonymous said...

I find my artificial hill quite useful when in the park. I can use it to fly my kite while my close dry on the washing line and scavange for mentally ill persons under 1.2 meters high..

I never shit in the park tho'