Friday, 29 July 2005

Friday Film Club

I had a beer or 6 with Delmonti last night. The talk turned to films and he wanted to know what to look out for at the moment. Now, I do love movies, but I never get the time to go to the cinema, so I only ever seem to have recommendations when I've been on a long-haul flight. So, after my recent trip to China, here is the first in a (very) occasional series of Friday Film Club recommendations.

The Machinist. Starring Christian Bale. Reminiscent of Memento, but not in a bad way. And it's pretty obvious what the plot twist is, but Bale is fantastic in this. Any actor who gets his weight down to around 120 lbs for a part has to be admired.

The Assassination of Richard Nixon. A slow-burning story of middle-American frustration. A must-see for Sean Penn's central performance. And kudos to Don Cheadle for not doing that awful cockney accent (c.f. Oceans Eleven/Twelve).

Meet The Fockers. Yes, it's light, fluffy nonsense. 'Fockers' sounds like 'fuckers'. Ha! Hilarious! Well. no, but it's not bad. It passes the time and I did laugh quite a bit. But then, I am very immature.

In other news:
Stray animals are to be
arrested in Nigeria after an Air France plane collided with a herd of cattle on the runway! Yes, arresting the animals might be one solution. But, surely a better idea would be to build a fence around the airport? Prevention being nine-tenths the better part of valour, or something.

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