Saturday, 30 July 2005

Rescuing Timmy

Aaah! We rescued a poor, little birdie last night. I came home from work and stood in the garden, chatting to The Wife and my mum and I could hear a bird flapping the in the tree. TW said it had been doing that all day. So we looked in the tree and saw a juvenile sparrow caught-up and hanging, unable to escape.

Out came the ladder and I balanced precariously halfway up a Japanese maple to find a the bird hanging by a piece of red nylon twine, wrapped around its leg and a twig. The poor thing's leg was a mess. snapped in two and really not looking very good.

Anyway, by cutting off the twig I managed to bring the bird down to earth where we cut-off the twine. To be honest, we considered amputating the leg, but as we were not qualified vets, we thought better of it.

The sparrow was placed in a nice cosy box, with some food and water and plenty of soft towels. Then we went to bed, fully expecting to find him dead this morning. But when we got up, he wasn't in the box! Despite having only one good leg, he had somehow managed to get out and hide behind the curtains and was now merrily chirping away.

The Wife's dad is a bit of a bird expert, so with some guidance we went to the pet shop to buy a small bird-cage which is now furnished with food, water and newspaper (in case he gets bored).


Obviously, we're happy to have a new pet and we have named him 'Timmy' because he's a spacky-sparrow.

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