Wednesday, 7 September 2005


After reading Scaryduck's post about heroes, I had to admit that I had no idea who I shared my birthday with. So off to Wikipedia to find out...

Blimey! There's a lot of them. And mostly people I hadn't heard of (Reggie Miller? Tracy Harris?). But amongst the list are a few gems:

1929: Yasser Arafat - first a terrorist, then not a terrorist. Now dead.

1934: Kenny Baker - the man who IS R2-D2. That made him about 70 years old while he was weebling about inside the mini-robot filming Revenge of the Sith. Jeepers! That's heroic if nothing else is.

1948: Jean-Michel Jarre - writer of dull electronic music. His dad was much better.

1957: Stephen Fry - clever-dick (in a nice way), erudite, funny renaissance man. Of all the people on the list, he's the one I'm proud to share my birthday with and wish I could buy him some cake and a pint on our special day.

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