Wednesday, 21 September 2005


While watching "Kath & Kim" on LivingTV tonight, I had the misfortune to catch a trailer for a new show. Featuring the 'richest Big Brother contestant', Jade's Salon follows celebrity wasp-chewer, Jade Goody, as she starts up and runs her new business - a beauty parlour.

Does no-one in the TV industry see the immense irony here? Probably not. So look out for these new hit shows, coming soon from a satellite channel near you:

Hitler's Synagogue, Shipman's Hospice, and Supernanny with Fred & Rosemary West.


Delmonti said...

I would of thought "landscaping with Fred & Rose" would be a better title.

PT said...

How Clean Is Your House with Jeffrey Dahmer and Mr Trebus