Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Up, Up and Away

It's not fair - how come the Malaysians get all the fun?

When it came to choosing Britain's first astronauts, I don't remember that we had a choice. We were given that dull chap (who was half-American anyway) and the girl from Slough who made Mars bars.

Obviously, if the same were to happen today, we would go fully interactive and the race to become the 325th person in space would be followed 24x7 on Channel 4.

Just in case we do get a choice, I'd like to nominate Jade Goody, Pete Doherty and Michael Winner. Perhaps we can ask one of the Malaysian candidates to step down in expectation of getting rid of someone who's not really needed?

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Delmonti said...

I dunno.... I say we send more animals into space... I dont think the animal kingdon had a fair innings... As far as I know only dogs & monkeys ever went into space (apart from humans of course).


It still makes me laugh...